Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Treasures: vintage treasures from wayfaringmagnolia

Today I found Amanda and her Etsy shop wayfaringmagnolia. It is a sweet shop with lots of vintage clothing and other items.

She loves art, music, fashion and life, and currently works as a professional musician/gypsy wherever people want to hear her sing.

Here are some of her fun collections! This hot pink blazer is perfect for the person that wants to make a bold, yet feminine statement. A gorgeous shade, and with a lovely black trim, it is sure to be loved for a long time.

This wool skirt is a treasure, with its classic brown and neutral colors. And how fun that she found it in some items from her grandmother!

And last, this Grandma's Vintage Memory Book looks so sweet, and what a fun way to keep track of your family history.

So go check out her shop, list your favorite items here, and say that cksilver sent you!

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