Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Treasures: hair bands and clips from ardentreverie

The hair bands and hair clips from ardentreverie are amazing! It is a shop with two sisters working like crazy in their tiny room to create unique handmade items. So beautiful! You'll know what I mean when you see these amazing creations.

First is Emilie's Garden Flower Clip, a darling flower made out of chic fabric accented with a mixture of feathers and placed on a 1 3/4" clip topped with a pearl charm.

Then this Bella Moss Feather Clip, which incorporates a mixture of feathers embellished with a beautiful bronze flower.

And last, this simple, yet beautiful Midnight Symphony Feather Headband. It features a mix of feathers topped with pearls and a silver ornament, placed onto a light and comfortable headband wrapped in ribbon:


  1. Interesting fact silver made in Thailand is only made in villages outside of the main cities by Hill tribe families. Most patterns have been in there family for many years and can only be made by large order. There are no stores or one central place to purchase Hill tribe silver in variety other than from the large Handicraft shops in the city. Mondays and Fridays are the days families will bring their goods to the main shops for sale and to pick up new orders. A trip to a silver village is a real eye opener to see how families work together to make beautiful silver pieces of art. All Handmade.

  2. oooo. Love the purple and teal! Wish I had places to go to wear such things!