Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Finds: Beautiful Parasols and Cute Bags

Hope you are having a wonderful week. Today I am featuring handmade accessories, parasols, gift bags, and glass bottles from kcdragonfly. Her beautiful parasols would make great wedding gifts!

Her purpose and passion in life is to bring you quality, hand-crafted designs that romance the soul and inspire your individuality to take flight. She desires for you to find inspiration in her offerings.

She says that images of dragonflies, the moon and water tell an ancient story inherent in our love for all creation. How dragonflies never rest and are always darting about their environment as if in an eternal search for something. She believes she is making the same search.

One of my favorite items of hers is this beautiful wedding parasol. This parasol has a compact design that would be lovely for wedding photos, close quarters and crowds at conventions.

I also like this sweet cat purse/bag. It holds lots of things, including cell phones smaller than a full-sized 'droid, your bluetooth, iphones, ipod, zune mp3 player, i.d., driver's license, money. It can be also become a gift bag for that special someone who loves cats.

You can also find kcdragonfly on her blog.

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