Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Finds; December 23

It's hard to believe that Christmas is almost Christmas here! I'm thankful that we can celebrate Jesus' birth at this time of year, and I'm thankful for what He's done in my life.

Today I want to share some beautiful gold inspired creations from talented Besteam artists on Etsy. First, I would like to show you this really lovely angel tree topper or table centerpiece by angelsneverlastings. It is made with amazing artistry, and I would love to have an angel like this.

Next is this lovely gold carved ring from riorita. It is really beautiful, and can be ordered in different types of gold.

This gear and feather gold headband from poisongarden is adorable. How my daughter loves feathers, and they are so popular right now!

Last, enjoy these beautiful flower hair clips from msformaldehyde. Perfect for any occasion!

If you're an Etsy artisian looking for a great group of people to help you grow and support your work, check out the BESTeam.

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