Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Thoughts: Vintage Stamp Pendants

Today I am featuring a fascinating artist, LotusMira, a maker of soldered vintage stamp pendants, soldered floating frames, and much more. The symbolism in her shop name is very thoughtful. Mira (pronounced "meera"), from the Sanskrit root meaning "prosperous," (one can hope!) is her middle name and her Indian/Bengali grandmother's first name.

The first soldered stamp pendant that caught my eye is this beautiful vintage Malaysian butterfly stamp:

I also really love this World Series Ghana stamp too, with this vivid map:

But how fun would it be to get this beautiful Periwinkle Beach floating frame for Christmas?

So go ahead, check out this talented Etsian, and tell her cksilver sent you!


  1. Love stamps-I still have a stamp collection from when I was a little thing.

    That is a great way to showcase your treasures!