Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday What's New: Loving on Kids in Need

Our family is on a journey this year in learning more about the joys and challenges of foster parenting. We had our first child this weekend, and it was a great experience to learn more about the process and for our family to experience it first hand for the first time.

This child was so sweet and innocent, and kept saying how much he missed his mom. Our kids were amazing and really stepped up to the plate to be helpful and loving, and said how much they appreciated doing foster care and being able to show God's love to this sweet little guy. And they were so sad when it was time for him to go. Our daughter kept asking me to call and find out when he could come play again.

Please join us through your prayers for us as we continue on this incredible journey that God has given us. To reach out to lost and hurting kids, and to be a family for them as long as they need it.


  1. That is so awesome Cindy! I pray that you can touch these kids lives in a way that they will always remember you and the Love of God in you!


  2. What a wonderful gift you are giving these children.


  3. So wonderful what you are doing. Glad the kids are on board and so sweet about it too!

  4. Such a wonderful thing to do. Praying for your family as you take in, and love, these children!
    Christie (luvncrafts)